(NSFW + GTS Growth) Sizebox Sisters 2

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Jessica is watching the news when she finds out that her old friends Ellie and Maewin are coming to visit her. Why’s this newsworthy? Because both Ellie and Maewin have somehow grown into giantesses, and are keen to show off their new size to Jessica. Better yet, Ellie wants Jessica to grow with them!


Product Includes:

 - Full audio story with sound effects.

 - Full script.

 - Exclusive story - only available here


#NSFW #GiantessGrowth #Destruction #Cute #Sisters #ThirdPersonNarration


Cover by Sleepy:



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  • Length
    13 minutes 13 seconds
  • Length13 minutes 13 seconds
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(NSFW + GTS Growth) Sizebox Sisters 2

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