(NSFW + WG) A New Weight Depository

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Carrie-Ann's wife Mary has been gaining for a while but is unsatisfied with the speed of her gain. Fortunately, a surprise twist means that Mary begins to absorb the extra mass of anyone who touches her, starting with her wife. The two love seeing her get fatter, and quickly plan to let other people donate their weight to Mary as well!


Product Includes:

 - Full audio story with sound effects.

 - Full script.

 - Exclusive story - only available here


#NSFW #WeightGain #ClothesRipping #ThirdPersonNarration


CoWritten with Sir Kata:



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  • Duration
    11 minutes 30 seconds
  • Duration11 minutes 30 seconds
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(NSFW + WG) A New Weight Depository

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